Sunday, October 16, 2016

I Refuse To Drink The Kool-Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    To many children of my generation, including your s truly, Kool-Aid in the summer was the most cooling thing imaginable.  Gallons of it were consumed during our childhood years, and prior to the pre-sweetened era, when the sugar had to be added yourself.  It was sweet, good, thirst quenching, and made us crave for more.  Is it any wonder that decades later, so many of us now have type 2 diabetes?

                                    Then, when the whole Jim Jones thing happened, drinking Kool-Aid took on an entirely new, and far more chilling, meaning.  Today the phrase "don't drink the Kool-Aid" refers directly back to that tragedy, in Guyana, on November 15, 1978, but, in the years since, it has become code to not giving in to something you don't want to do--whether it's wearing THAT DRESS to a certain party, or subscribing to today's corporatist culture.

                                     Which is where I am at.  I have gone from drinking Kool Aid to metaphorically refusing to do so.  Maybe I am regressing to that "Peter Pan' stage of life,, when "growing up was awful-er than all the awful things that ever were."  Which meant became a corporate conformist.  Like Rod Serling  was getting at in "A Stop At Willoughby" (my favorite "Twilight Zone" episode, with James Daly in a great performance) or his classic TV drama about business, "Patterns."  le plus ca change, le plus meme chose, darlings.

                                     I never had it in me to be a conformist.  Otherwise I would be on Wall Street now.  Why aren't I?  Why, instead. do I write this blog?  To make some laugh, and help others, who can relate.  To borrow from the great Lillian Hellman, "I will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions."

                                      Lillian was right,  my dears. Just ask true visionaries, like Anna Wintour!!!!!!!!!!!!


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