Monday, October 24, 2016

Isn't He The Cutest Thing????????????????

                                  I did not even know about the Montauk Monster, when I went there last summer.  But, since I have found out--in July of 2008, a mysterious creature washed up on shore at Montauk, looking like a cross between a gigantic raccoon, or a baby dinosaur.  Now, I know Gojira had nothing to do with this, because he does not eat flotsam and jetsam from the sea.  He dines on the high end, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 So, the monster has become kind of a local legend.  I think there are more out there, and I thought this drawing was the nicest--so cute and lovable, which I am sure this creature is--or creatures are.

                                  I wonder if Roberta saw the monster, back in 2008.

                                   Anyway, it gives me a good reason to go back to Montauk next year.

                                   Who knew exciting things awaited one, there?????????????????

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