Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Should Have Dreams Like This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Well, actually, girls, sometimes I do!

                            This is an iconic still from Edwin S. Porter's 1906  expressionist film, "Dreams Of A Rarebit Fiend."  I did not know till recently that the basis for this film was an early American comic strip, of the same title.  You never stop learning, dears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Now, as to "rarebit fiend," I thought that meant the guy gorged himself on too much "Welsh rarebit," which is some kind of cheese sauce thing, barely made anymore, that was poured over toast, and eaten.  When I was introduced to it, back at my Aunt Jane's in the 1960's, I thought it was "Welsh rabbit," and threw a fit over having to eat a rabbit.  I would not be convinced, that time, though, later, I came around.

                                  So, I cannot recall if the film's dream is due to the man's consumption.

                                   What I do know is it replicates a desire of mine--to fly away, over the rooftops of London, to Neverland, just as in the movie and musical "Finding Neverland," and, of course, Peter Pan.  True, I could step on the Peter Pan Flight ride and have an approximate experience, but would require a trip to Florida and Disney World, which I am not willing to make.

                                       I just hope my sleep meds will carry me over the roofs, like the guy pictured!!!!!!!!!

                                        As for the rest of you, pleasant dreams, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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