Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Week's Bitch Is One Of The Youngest Perps On "Cold Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                             I cannot believe, darlings, I have never written about the classic episode of this show, entitled, "The Sleepover."  It is a natural for this blog.

                              It is said to be based on the Shanda Sharer case.  I never thought of it at the time I first saw it--but after glancing at it again--I can see the connection. Ariel Shuman, the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, is young, but deadly.  She claims what happened to Rita was an accident, but it really wasn't, dolls. And Rita Baxter, played by Abigail Mavity, was probably the sweetest and saddest of all this show's victims.

                               The interesting thing is that while Ariel is the murderous bitch, this episode serves up plenty of bitches and victims.  Tiffany O'Connell and  Brandi Beaudry, whom Ariel especially wanted to be friends with in Middle School, are the garden grown suburban bitches; you know, from the Diane Dykeman school of suburban bitchery. Yeah, that's right.

                                Rita is bright; she is at a prestigious school on a scholarship, but she earns it. It is clear she would have cleared Advanced Placement Biology.  Rita is her own self; she does not drink the Kool Aid, and really does not want to be with the "IN" crowd.  But her friend, Ariel does, and when Ariel gets invited to a sleepover at Brandi's, Ariel thinks she is coming up in the world, but things are really starting to turn ugly for all.

                                   Brandi and Tiffany reveal themselves to be the bitches they are, taunting Rita for her appearance, and forcing Ariel to participate. At one point, Brandi talks about killing Rita, but even Tiffany draws the line here, and leaves. Rita and Ariel  stay, and, at one point, Brandi's parents, The Beaudrys, return.  They turn out to be parents from hell, on a par with Charlotte Bayes, and Roger Mulvaney.  They both abuse their children, Brandi and Neil, who has mental problems, with physical and emotional abuse.  When they return, the girls hide, but Rita is caught.  The Beaudrys go easy on her, but force Neil to hold his sister's head, under water, in an act of abuse. Rita witnesses it, but has the guts to confront Brandi, saying it is wrong.  and that maybe she could help. Brandi sends Ariel and Rita home. Rita isn't bothered, but Ariel is, as Brandi renounces their friendship, saying Ariel is not to sit at their lunch table anymore in school.  Ariel is devastated, and takes out her anger on Rita, who only wanted to be her friend. She pushes Rita, who slips, and falls into a ravine, landing on stones, killing her instantly.   Brandi sees what has happened from her window.

                                    As the years go on, Neil's problems get worse, Brandi becomes a party planner, and a drug addict, Tiffany a DWI house bound alcoholic, and while Ariel, like Rita, is bright enough to become a doctor, the cross she bears, for Brandi keeping her secret of Rita's death, is to supply Brandi with prescriptions, when needed.

                                     Thanks to Lily,  all the girls are brought together, and get their comeuppance. All are dragged off to prison, but Ariel will probably get life for killing Rita.  She is one of the youngest and saddest bitches. Killing because she wanted to be in a clique!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even I never went that far.

                                        Not that I did not think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        But Rita was the sweetest, as you shall discover. Meanwhile, that Ariel deserves to rot. She was played by "The Ring's" Daveigh Chase in 1990, and Emma Bates in the 2004 segments.

                                           Choke on it, Ariel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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