Monday, October 10, 2016

What Kind Of Nut(s) Would Do Something Like This??????????????????

                                Let me start with the photo, because it is captivating.  It is a tower, in South Carolina, where a man and his fiancee planned to ride out Hurricane Matthew.  However, my chief subject of this post is a Halifax man named David Mitchell.  No, not the brilliant writer. He resembles some ersatz "Survivor" wannabe, complete with bare chest, long hair, pigtail pulled back behind, and he is going to ride out Matthew, in the middle of the ocean.  From what I now understand, he survived.

                                I am certainly happy about that.  But why such macho bullshit?  Why would anyone want to put themselves through that?  And that Carolina guy, subjecting his fiancee????  If he wants to play ape, that's fine, but why subject her?

                                I am telling you, our lovable reptile friend, Gojira, who is tougher than anything when he wants to be, wouldn't be seen going near a storm like this.  He's too smart, which is why he has remained a star for decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                And I know, in my last post, I mentioned trying things one has never done before, or may not be especially adept at.  But bad musicianship or rank amateur poetry never killed their creators.  Maybe it humiliated them, or provided a wake up call, but THIS????????????

                                  But, no, I am not going to now put "Riders Of The Storm" on here.  My point is made.  Girls, if you want to ride out the storm next time, tell me, provide a full report!  I will be interested.

                                   Remember this, though--Dorothy and Toto had more sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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