Sunday, October 9, 2016

Is "IT" Becoming A Reality????????????????????

                              When the whole Creepy Clown Sighting started, I was offended, at first, that they were not turning up in the suburbs.  Finally, one was sighted in--where else??????--New Jersey, so I knew things were going to be OK.

                                 I love this!!!!!!!!!!!  I would love to know the genius who thought this whole thing up; he (and I believe this came from a man) is either a psychotic, or in advertising.  Maybe both, since the advertising industry and psychosis often go hand in hand.

                                 I can report there have been no Creepy Clown sightings in Bay Ridge, which of course, is just a temptation for me to get out there, dressed as one.  I can still recall my very first Halloween costume was as a clown.  I looked like little Michael Myers at the opening of "Halloween," only without the knife.  My mother wouldn't have that!  And not even I thought of that yet, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 But Creepy Clowns are all the rage.  I just don't know what their purpose is.

                                  Maybe they are meant to symbolize the accruing creepiness of our times.

                                  Myself, girls, I prefer the more innocent days of yore, when Clownie would burst through his hoop, at the start of "Terrytoon Circus."

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