Saturday, October 1, 2016

Here Is How Charlotte Looks, Enraged, When The Guard Is Let Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            "Churchgoing People" keeps sending forth the dire message of the danger of keeping up a phony facade.  Here is Charlotte, drunk, about to lash out at both Mitch, and Ryan; even though he is her favorite, it is all about her.  I love when she staggers up the stairs, saying Mitch is "a disgrace to good, churchgoing people," completely unaware of her behavior being the same thing. I guess that is the nature of the illness.

                                Poor Ryan. Having to live with Charlotte the whole time, he is torn. If he tried to intervene, Charlotte might killed them both.  Which would have done Ryan no good, except with two victims, Charlotte would be hard pressed to escape that, and would have more consequences to face. And then poor Tina would have to live with the whole thing.

                                   I think Ryan did not intervene, out of fear, and somewhere in his head, thinking about Tina, alone with no one.  Not enough back story was developed to suggest what the Bayes relatives--or Charlotte's--knew of the marriage, though my guess in in situations like this, the relations do know, but that the family in question isolates itself from everyone.  I think they only attended church at Charlotte's behest.

                                      Tina was smart. Five years later, she left, and never looked back.  Until she was called back.  It managed to keep a hold on her sanity, instead of being completely shut down and damaged, like Ryan.  You have to hand it to Tina.

                                        Even when Charlotte is sober, you can see traces of what she is.  In the opening scene, the look on her face, and the cadence when she says "And no one misses church in the morning" indicates they would not dare.  When Gil Sherman, the initial detective on the case, shows up, Charlotte looks more depressed than sorrowful--after what she drank it is no surprise--and when he keeps insisting on Mitch and prostitutes, you can see she is just about to explode at him.  And in church, when Mitch is playing the organ, and Judy Enright is singing in the choir, a suspicious Charlotte could not keep from looking depressed. This was a woman who hadn't an ounce of happiness, and was determined to drag everyone down with her.  She was a Gorgon, who, unfortunately, could not be turned to stone by staring at her ugliness in the mirror.

                                           I just hope the ugliness is not mirrored later in Ryan and Tina. I wish someone would do a story on their readjustment.

                                              This bitch needed a good belt in the mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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