Friday, December 30, 2016

Can You Believe It, Darlings????????????????????

                                      Within the all too brief, and sad, interval between Carrie and then Debbie's passing, I learned that one of my favorites had died. Two days before my before, this past November 16, Joan Carroll, best known to those of us on here as Agnes Smith in "Meet Me In St. Louis," and Patsy in "The Bells Of St. Mary's," left us at the age of 85.

                                        Joan was a child of the Broadway stage.  She appeared with Ethel Merman on stage in "Panama Hattie," demonstrating a set of vocal chops that Hollywood, unfortunately did not take full advantage of.  (You get some seconds of it, in the opening of 'St Louis,' but that is it). But she was also a first rate dramatic actress, and that is what she is remembered for.

                                          She also quit at the top of her game.   "The Bells Of St. Mary's" turned out to be her last movie.

                                           What did Joan do after that?  Well, she married, raised four children of her own, and became the relative of  14 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. She was beloved by all.

                                              To me, Joan's passing was as iconic as Charmian Carr. Both played important roles in films having a lasting impact on my life.

                                               Thank you, Joan, and Rest In Peace.

                                                To many, you will always be Agnes or Patsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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