Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Most Impacting Performer Deaths Of 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     I saw "The Sound Of Music," the day after Thanksgiving, 1965, when my parents surprised me with a delayed birthday gift screening we all went to, in Atlantic City, after having visited Aunt Jane and Uncle Donald, for Thanksgiving.

                                       Needless to say, I never forgot it.  It was one of those film defining viewings of my life, and while I always--and still--wanted to be Angela Cartwright and Heather Menzies, who could not help but  admire the star potential of lovely, vocally gorgeous Charmian Carr??????????

                                       As "The Sound Of Music" evolved from film to cultural icon, it was clear Charmian never needed to make another film--this was enough.  Nevertheless, a lot of star potential was on display.  But Charmian and her screen siblings settled into their roles as the film's spoken advocates.  For many, including myself, they were the Von Trapp Children!  They always would be!

                                       How illusion bursting it was that Charmian, oldest of the septet, was the first to leave us.  At seventy-three, on her departure last September 17. (she had been twenty-one during the filming, but looked every inch the adolescent ingenue!!!!!!!!!) it was sad to learn she had suffered from dementia.  But, I am telling you, the film was so ingrained in her, that even then, she could probably have discussed it, with great pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Charmian's death was upsetting to me.

                                         As was Joan Carroll's, another child actress--from the Forties--known for not one but two iconic films that impacted on me--"Meet Me In St. Louis," and "The Bells Of St. Mary's."  I recently wrote a tribute to Joan, so I just want to add that, over the years, I would search for what became of her, and I believe she did some film work, in adulthood, behind the camera.

                                        It was a year of loss, darlings!  May these and others rest in peace.

                                        And may 2017 keep those near and dear to us near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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