Sunday, December 11, 2016

Here Are The Real Life Dandy And Gloria Mott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I had not seen the new ID program, "Dead Silence," until last evening, and I have to say I hand it to them for coming up with some cases I did not know about.  The first was the tale of R. J. Faba, and let me say right off, the actor playing him was much better looking than the actual guy.  Had he looked like the actor, Faba could have charmed even me, but this mug, are you kidding???????????

                              It all took place in Florida--I am telling you, what is it about that state????????.  St Augustine, to be exact, where Mott lived with his mother--red flag, there!!!!!--on the outskirts of the city in an isolated area known as Stokes March.  I am telling you, if Ryan Murphy or any of the writers of "American Horror Story" knew about this, it could surely have been the basis for Dandy and Gloria Mott.

                             Like the Motts, it was not a happy household.  Something happened during his delivery.  For eight minutes, he was still born, as the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck.  Doctors managed to save the infant, but who knows at what cost to the brain?  So, that is trouble, right there.

                                Next, as it turns out, his father was a paranoid schizophrenic, at least according to Mom Debbie.  So the potential for inheritance was there, not to mention, with the rampant abuse Daddy heaped upon the child, hatred and anger grew; so much so, that, upon adulthood, R.J. Faba strangled his father, then hanged his body from a tree out front, to make it look like a suicide.  Yes, darlings, this on-his-way serial killer's first victim, was Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 You have to ask questions about Mother  Debbie.  Did she know what had happened?  Or did she turn a blind eye out of obsessive, quasi-incestuous love, like Gloria Mott, or maybe because she was scared if she said anything she would be next?  My guess is--all of the above.

                                 Now, as ID told it, this girl named Alicia Eakins, hooked up with Faba.  She was rooming with a bunch of nuts, so she is desperate to find a place of normalcy.  One day, while painting by a gorgeous lake out near Faba's area, she runs into him, strikes up a friendship, and, before you can say "Love In The Afternoon," she move in with Faba and his mother, who welcomes her as routinely as a church parishioner.  Or is she thinking, "Here comes another victim?"  If so, she was right, because, after things turned sexual--which is hilarious, because Faba supposedly supported himself as a ballroom dancer, (he dropped out of school in the ninth grade) and the actor playing him was too good looking to be straight, plus...a ballroom dancer?????????  Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!--Alicia Eakins went missing.  That was on March 5, 2000.  Two months later, sixteen-year-old nymphet Angela Darling's car broke down near the Faba home, and she became victim number two.  Faba was apprehended after this murder, while Eakins went missing for another eight years.  He is in prison, for life, but what I want to know is, what happened to Mama?

                                Was she complicit, too?  Or is she just blithely living in the house, half delusional, half denying, out of her mind, like Gloria Mott????  My guess is, that is the answer.

                                 When I watched the ID story, I could see how the girls could be swayed by Faba.  But, in real life, he was just plug ugly.  His evil was clearly visible on his face.

                                    It's when it is not that one has to worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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