Sunday, December 11, 2016

This Was One Charlotte Who Would Not Hush Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Now, girls, the other "Dead Silent" tale I watched, told the story of Larry Cragun, a man who was mentally ill, had killed before, yet was out and about, and moved to Bay View, Idaho, for a more quiet, contemplative life.

                                       According to the program, the isolation of the place was getting to him, and after he lost his job, working at a marina, his wife and kids left him.  Cragun started hanging out at the local bar, where the bartender told him a chilling story.

                                        Back in 1949, the town had a Lizzie Borden type murder.  Charlotte, at sixteen, had recently lost her mother, who had passed on. This left she and her father as two inconsolable souls, facing this loss alone, though both lived in the house.

                                          Charlotte had a keen desire to go out on the lake.  Her father kept promising, while further retreating into alcoholism to cope with his grief.  One day, Charlotte had had enough of empty promises, and so she whacked her father to pieces, with an ax.  Then, you better believe she took that ride on the lake, laughing and cackling maniacally.

                                            The bartender told Larry Cragun that, while she was convicted, Charlotte is something of an urban legend; it is said that, at certain times of the night, from out on the lake,  one can hear her maniacal laughter.  Before long, Larry started hearing it.  He also began to believe his next door neighbors were harassing them, doing things like--get this--putting pubic hair in his food!
Ewwwwwwwwwww!  But, you know, I go for the grizzly, darlings!  I hold nothing back!

                                              Things came to a culmination the night of December 19, 2010.  Cragun, who I believe to have been possessed by the ghost of Charlotte, broke into the home of Yvonne Wallis--actually, he just walked in, because this was the kind of place where residents kept their doors unlocked.  Well, not any more!!!!!!!!!!!  He attacked Yvonne and her family, bludgeoning everyone with a hammer, which included the Heaths--husband Michael, son Jed, and daughter Patricia.  Only Patricia died, and Larry got Life for this senseless killing and attack.  Hopefully, he is getting mental help, too.

                                          Larry, pictured below, was, obviously not wrapped too tightly.  Don't blame this on Idaho, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has nothing to do with French's potatoes!

                                            Personally, I just love that Charlotte!  Now, she was some cool customer!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, if one is going to murder, do it stylishly, not like some bedraggled loser!!!!!!!!!

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