Monday, December 19, 2016

Could This Photo Have Inspired "The She Creature??????????"

                         Krampus is unquestionably masculine, but I have to confess, when I first saw this photo, I thought it was an outtake from that Fifties film.  Why is he carrying this adult woman?  She must have done something really bad, to get Krampus all worked up.  Maybe she was an unfit mother.  Krampus does not like bad children, but even worse he did likes bad mothers.  It is said, each Christmas Eve, he visits Susan Smith and Casey Anthony, because they are on high on the Bad Mothers list.  And, of course, he visits that cheap Alice Crimmins.

                           Krampus does not like bad children, nor mothers who mistreat them.  Like me, he detested Susan Dey for years, after seeing her in "Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night!!!!!!!!!!"

                             Season's Greetings, from Krampus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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