Saturday, December 31, 2016

Here Is What You Have Been Waiting For, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitch Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             This is a way to segue  into something that played a big part in 2016, unfortunately-Death!!!!!!!  For a time, it looked as though fictional characters Ariel Shuman or Brandi Beaudry, from the "Cold Case" episode "The Sleepover," would win Bitch Of The Year.  Ariel would have had the edge, because she is a sociopath, and, besides, I just LOVED Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!

                              But, then I remembered the tragic August 11 suicide of young Daniel Fitzpatrick, only 13.  I did a Bitch Of The Week column on "Whomever," being anyone having anything to do, no matter how small, with this innocent child's death.  So, the award  for Raving Queen Bitch Of The Year goes to...Whomever.

                             More than others', Daniel's was the most tragic and senseless of deaths.  Not since Tyler Clementi has a death by bullying been so disturbing.  What fascinates me here is how there was no evidence of homophobia surrounding the bullying--Daniel played football, for God's sake, and let me tell you, from experience, burgeoning gay youth do NOT play football!  Hell, they don't even play or watch sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Daniel was simply bullied because he could be. And that is most horrible of all.  Just for being himself, and not fitting some preconceived notions of social conformity!  Fuck you, whomever!  Fuck you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Even Brandi killed no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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