Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now, Here Is A Nice Outtake Shot From "The Sleepover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                    You know by now how I am about this episode, girls, what with me wanting to be the most popular one--and still do--like Brandi, but was actually treated more like Rita.  While I despise Ariel, I do understand her desperation; her biggest mistake was she was so misguided it led to her selling out her one good friend--Rita.

                                        Here are Kathyrn Morris, and Carly Schroeder, young Brandi Beaudry, on the party set, where the grown up Brandi (Virginia Williams) is working.  I wanted you girls to see it, because, even though they are completely convincing in the episode, Carly doesn't look a bit Brandi at all, but rather charming and sweet.  It was just a part, dears.

                                          I just could not resist this "Sleepover" shot!  Much more upbeat than the actual story!!!!!!!!!!!!

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