Sunday, December 4, 2016

You Think Krampus Doesn't feel The Pressure????? He Sure Does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I told you Krampus and Santa were on the same page!  While Santa gets ready to deliver presents, Krampus is ever on the prowl, eyeing children all over the world, to see if they actually deserve those presents.  This is a busy time of year for him, too; no wonder he is so stern!!!!!!!!!!

                             But, like Santa, Krampus loves the holidays as much as anyone, because the season allows him to bring his special brand of mirth???????????

                              And what would Krampus like as a present?  To have a bag weighted down with not so many children, this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Better be good, boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shortbaldfigureoffun said...

You're absolutely right, especially about the bag. He and Santa Claus (St. Nick and Old Nick? must look into that, another time) both seem to carry those sacks over their shoulders. Pretty sure that's a strain on one's back

The Raving Queen said...

But it is a tradition, and one not likely to
be given off. But Krampus would be happy carrying
off less bad children.