Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's Not "Moonstruck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                        Everyone seems to be crazy about Elena Ferrante, and her Neapolitan Novels.  After reading the first one, "My Brilliant Friend," I, too, was craving more.  But, after finishing "The Story Of A New Name," the second in the set, I have to admit that, while I will finish the set, it lacked the momentum of the first book.

                                         Maybe childhood is  a more interesting stage for both writers and readers.  This picks up where the first left off, following both Elena and Lila into young womanhood, marriage, sexual discovery, with plenty of screaming Italian theatrics along the way.  Unfortunately, where the men are concerned, character descends into caricature.

                                          Once again, the most is when the girls discuss the pursuit and importance of education and reading.  Then Ferrante is really cooking, hons!  As for the rest, it is overlong and repetitive.

                                           Which makes me hesitant about the third book.  But maybe things will pick up; one never knows.

                                             Ferrante knows what she is doing.  But, here, I got lost along the way.

                                             Maybe her next will steer me back onto the path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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