Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is This Guy For Real, Or What??????????????

                         Who the hell, I would like to know, is financing Mike Lindell's My Pillow ad campaign?  Donald Trump?   You can tell this guy is a Trump supporter; he is goofy looking enough, like something one would encounter on Route 3, in Jersey, only he is in Minnesota. Remind me not to go there, soon.

                          This guy's ads are on TV, all the time, too much so for my satisfaction.  I suppose it won't surprise anyone to know that this guy is a former drug addict--not that I judge him--but the way he postures as the paragon of American virtue--is there actually such a thing, anymore, anyway???--makes me sick to my stomach.

                            I have slept fine without My Pillow for 62 years.  I don't need it now.

                            I just need my kolonopin and facial cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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