Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Real "Cold Case" Scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               "Corporation T-Shirts," to borrow from the Beatles,  are not the only lowest human life form on the planet.  So, too, is the Arrogant Academic, which is just what Daniel Patterson was.

                                   The "Cold Case" episode, "Slipping," was no masterwork.  It was actually a "Gaslight" re-do, where Daniel and the housekeeper, Annette Hicks, who was enamored of him, tried to drive his wife, Nancy, insane.  And daughter Rachel, who was packed off to boarding school right after her mother died, and that was because she knew Dan's secret--the volume of poetry that he publishes, wining for him Poet Laureate, and a tenure track position at Powell University, was written by his wife, Nancy, not him.

                                  Daniel had an over inflated sense of his talent--and realized it, after he got his Ph.D.  Anyone can do the grunge work.  But to produce real genius--that takes talent.  And Nancy Patterson had it.

                                     Which is what Daniel could not stand, as he was too much of a class snob.  Because he had gone the academic route, and Nancy was just a "secretary" and a "state's ward," she could not be the talent he was supposed to have been.  Well, Dan, you scum, had you really paid attention in class, you may have learned that not all of our great writers were hallowed academics.  Like Tennessee Williams, for one.  Genius comes from the person; it cannot be taught.  Just like in the performing arts.

                                      So, Dan has a hissy fit, kills his wife, tries to make his stepdaughter think she inherited her mother's mental problems, when he was the one who had them.  And he used that cheap  thing, Annette,  who gets hauled in, too.  When Lily and Company nail him, decades later, wait till you see how self-righteous Ronny Cox plays Dan.  He still thinks he is the cat's meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When he is nothing but a losing prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Like I said, not a great episode, but a portrayal of a REAL scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Go read "Curious George" to the convicts, you jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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