Monday, April 10, 2017

It Has Happened Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            "Girls that's like the Serengeti. Kill or
                                               be killed."--Judy Prescott, as Kelly Baxter, mother
                                             of Rita Baxter, in the "Cold Case classic, "The Sleepover"

                                    I hate to begin the second decade of this blog on such a dark note, but it is important, and there will be time for fun, later.

                                     Another youth suicide has hit the media.  Tysen Benz, of Marquette, Michigan, hanged himself at his home.  His body was found by his mother, Katrina Gross.  Katrina did the best she could, removing the body, taking him to a hospital, where he eventually died several weeks later.

                                     Tysen was only 11 years old.  This was not a case of sexual orientation, or conventional bullying, but a bizarre "Romeo And Juliet" type prank.

                                      You see, Tysen was allegedly dating this 13-year-old girl.  Now, in my day, very few of those who dated did so with those older than us.  An 11 year old boy would have been out of the older girl's league, as far as she and her peers were concerned.

                                       Also, unless Tysen was swiftly going through puberty, why would he be interested in dating at 11?????????????

                                       There is a lot here that is not known.  What is known is Tysen received a text from this girl, saying she was going to kill herself--though she really wasn't, and did not. But Tysen took the message at face value; overwhelmed by grief, he decided to follow her along, by ending his life in his bedroom, about 45 minutes after receiving this message.

                                        The bitch who did this is right up there with Ariel Shuman.  She is going to face charges, but will they be harsh enough????????  A slap on the wrist?  No way!  She--and her peers, who were in on this with her--should all be charged with a Hate Crime!

                                          I hate what these bitches did to Tysen and his family!  How does this madness stop?  I can tell you one thing, dolls--if those bitches are revealed, wait till you see the job I do on them, and their parents.  Who should also be charged, for raising such monsters!  Behavior is learned at home!

                                           Rest In Peace, Tysen!  Bullying does not just happen to the gay, or disenfranchised.

                                            It happens to everyone.

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