Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Ten years ago, today, I had an idea.

                                          Let's start with the fact I was bored, at work.  So, I decided to create a writing project.  But what?  I started out with the idea of a blog as a sort of repository for all my fiction and non-fiction pieces.  But I soon discovered the time spent transforming pages of typed text onto the screen would take an enormous amount of time.

                                             So I began by writing intermittently, not sure what I should do with the blog.

                                               I was stalling, for two years, before I found my calling on here.  I have two things to thank for that--the movie "Julie and Julia," and the TV series, "Sex In The City."

                                                When Amy Adams, in the movie, said "I can write a blog!," I thought, "Hmmmmm...So can I.  At least, I am supposed to."  The second thought came from occasional notions of "Sex In The City."  Each time I watched it, I would think, "Some guy out there needs to be the gay Carrie Bradsahw."

                                                 And that is when everything clicked--persona, topics, everything.

                                                 To think, an entire decade of my life has been accrued on here.  And, as my life has evolved, so will this blog.  And to the readers, and commentators, even those who disagree with me, you have my heartfelt thanks. 

                                                  The most goes to my extraordinary, beloved, David.

                                                   Darlings, it has been simply a marvelous ten years!  May we all be together for the next ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      With our natural hair color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

Felicitations and congratulations on this momentous occasion, RQ!

Ten years is quite an achievement for ANY blog, much less a personal venue. Most cease all activity within five years and then just sit there on the web, moribund eulogies to egos far less enterprising and energetic than yours. Contrary to common assumption, it DOES take tremendous energy and dedication to share ones views on a near-daily basis via blog. You have to think through what you want to say, how to best present it, find appropriate illustrations: this is NOT like Twitter, where a one or two line unstructured brain brain fart passes as legitimate engagement (God help us). Your core audience is far more discriminating: we come for your unique blend of snappy gossip, sly humor, fierce sense of justice, and Kurosawa-esque recollections of days past.

May the Raving Queen reign over his appreciative audience for decades more!


The Raving Queen said...

Thank you so much, darling!
May the next ten years continue--
they are beginning today. I can't
believe the time has flown as it
has! And I have had no work
done on my face!!!!!!!!!!