Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Does Kathryn Morris Do It, With That Hair????????? And How Can I??????????????

                                   Girls, I am telling you, whether teased, or flowing straight down, Kathryn Morris' hair is fascinating to watch--on "Cold Case" or off.  I don't know what it would take--a conditioner, coconut oil, or a cream rinse to get my hair this way, but I wish it was.  Of course, I would have to grow it out a little, for starters!

                                    Yesterday was a depressing day--more on that--but it was also a "Cold Case" day.  I watched two enjoyable, if lesser episodes, "Superstar" and "Debut."  The first concerned the murder of a tennis up-and-comer named Andi Simmons.  The minute I saw the show's opening scene, I was sure it was sister Emily.  Which would have made sense--Daddy devotes all his time and attention to the more talented older daughter, while younger sister Emily gets ignored.  Sounds like a motive, to me!  But the show stumped me, because the killer turned out to be this little college newspaper reporter dweeb named Eric, who, of course, in the present, is a Philly newspaper sports columnist.  Eric had a thing for Andi Simmons, so he wrote about her all the time, giving her favorable coverage.  In return, or because of this, he expected her to be grateful, and show as much interest in him, as he did in her.  But things did not work out that way, and so Eric killed her.
These adolescent things never go anywhere.

                                  Now, "Debut" was different, the more fascinating of the two, because, while it was far from a masterwork like "The Sleepover," the dynamics of Travis Whitman, the perp, were similar to that of Ariel Shuman in "The Sleepover."  Both were consumed with self-hatred.

                                   "Debut" centered on the Philly debutante scene.  The victim, Emma Vine, was chosen only because her astronaut father was supposed to go to the moon.  I mean, her family was not Main Line; they were from a section called "Fishtown."  I guess that is a Philly version of Goat Alley.

                                     While Emma had that secret, Travis Whitman had his.  In 1955, his father changed the name for "Whitman," from "Weissman," because, back then, Jewish families had a hard time of making it.  Travis' girl friend, at the time, was WASPY Landon Ridgely.  When Landon saw how Travis and Emma were falling for each other, over their mutual interest in physics, and a genuine disinterest with this whole social scene, you can bet Landon was pissed.  BUT when Emma's father is pulled from the Moon flight (yes, darlings, THAT Moon flight; the past was set in 1968!!!!!!!!!!) and Landon's father, Matthew, offers to "introduce" Emma, due to a tenuous childhood friendship with Emma's mother, Lillian Vine (the great Priscilla Pointer), Landon is looking real good for Emma's murder.  It's practically a foregone conclusion.

                                     Except the killer turns out to be Travis.  You see, right before the debutante ball, the Main Line kids gathered in a hotel room for drinks and socializing.  When Travis and Emma entered, they were instantly called out on--Emma for her "Fishtown" origins, and Travis for being Jewish.  Emma stood up for herself, but Travis didn't.  And this came to a boil outside, near a flight of stairs, when Emma confronts Travis about not standing up for himself, saying he never will, and that she does not want to be like him.  Good for you, Emma!!!!!!!!!!  But it costs her her life, because the enraged Travis, out of self-hate, pushes Emma down those stairs, killing her.

                                     Not unlike Ariel Shuman pushing Rita Baxter into Devil's Pool, and killing, her in "The Sleepover."  Both Travis and Ariel were motivated by self-hate; Ariel for not being popular, and Travis for being Jewish.  Selling out is one thing, but murder is another.  So Travis and Ariel are each other's counterpart.

                                      "Debut" was not "The Sleepover."  But, through it all, Kathryn Morris' hair was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          How do I get mine that way, darlings???????????????

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