Sunday, April 23, 2017

No One Plays Sickos, Like Rafael Sbarge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Ever since I first saw the 'SVU' episode, "Wannabe," where Sbarge played wanker supreme Wayne Hankett, with Raymond J. Barry (who would play Lily's father on "Cold Case") as Wayne's sexually and physically abusive father, I knew Mr. Sbarge was an actor to reckon with.  I have seen him play other things, like an attorney, on the "L and O" franchise.  But when he plays perps, no one does a better job.

                                    Now, "Thrill Kill" on "Cold Case" stops just short of being a masterwork.  As soon as it showed three pre-teen boys murdered, and placed in an abandoned swimming pool, I knew this was based on the West Memphis Three.  Now, in a post I did awhile back, I mentioned that the title is designated to the three boys who were convicted.  It should have indicated the victims, who seem to have been forgotten in all this.

                                    And "West Memphis" referred to Arkansas, not Tennessee. 

                                    When I saw Melissa Leo was playing one of her great White Trash roles as a mother of a victim, I thought, for a moment, she would be responsible.  But it turns out to be Sbarge, as Henry Aymes, the stand in for who I always thought was the real killer--father Terry Hobbs!  If Hobbs is dead--good!  If he is still walking around out there, he will eventually be hunted and dragged down, like the skunk he is!  You better believe it, darlings!  I know how these things work.

                                       I wish Henry's phobias had been explored a little more.  Because, according to this story, the crime was triggered by an irrational fear of the dark he has had, since childhood.  There is a suggestion that someone--a parent???--locked him in the dark for intolerable stretches of time.  In the present, the boys are disobeying the father's orders to stop playing.  He finds them in the basement, and they pull the lights on him, leaving him in darkness.  When they come back on, Henry is so enraged he kills his son, then the other boys, to cover things up.

                                        Interesting the show went with the Terry Hobbs theory.  I am telling you, he is the one.  But I wish the show had explored more of Henry's past, to see why darkness would freak him out so, it could drive him to murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Of course, Henry will go to prison, and be attacked by his inmates for killing children.  But he may not even last long enough, for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Wait till Melissa Leo get her hands on him!  You do not mess with her, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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