Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hey Social Worker, "Go Be A Soda Jerker, Which Means Go Be A Schmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                  Many "Cold Case" fans speak highly of the episode, entitled "Fly Away."  I found it moving, but it was not one of my favorites.  But Don McManus' chilling performance as evil social worker Josh Freely, (a character type used in "The Woods," though the abuser was accomplice Jacob Leonard, partner to social worker, Lee) was one of the milestones of this segment, which also introduced us to issues Lily has with her past, and understandably.   Which is why her make-up and hair are so perfect; Lily is always trying to prove herself, because she feels she has to.  Believe me, I get it!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Let's get back to "Fly Away."  This was the case of Rosie Miles, a down on her luck Mom, and her daughter, Toya.  Things start with both being tossed out a window.  Now, Toya dies, but get this, Rosie survives, for years, in a coma!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    But this is "Cold Case," darlings, so years later, she comes to, and can barely remember anything.  She does not even know that Toya is dead.  The sad thing is what happened did not have to.

                                     There were people watching out for Toya in the neighborhood. One of these folk was a pizza boy, named Phil Williams.  He would scrape together as many leftovers as he could from where he worked, to give to Toya, so the child would get some nourishment.

                                      Which was a good thing.  But, because of a DUI with Toya in the back seat, years before, Rosie is turned over to social services, and assigned the nightmare social worker, Josh Freely. 

                                       This guy is clearly in the wrong profession.  Except many sexual predators choose these professions to find victims.  Josh starts on Toya, but Rosie catches him.  He calls her "trash," "a dumb bitch" and says he calls the shots!  Nice!  He threatens he will come knocking at Rosie's door, unexpectedly, and will have his way with Toya! 

                                          On the night of May 21, 2001, that knock comes.  Only, it is not Josh, but Philip, delivering leftovers!   But Rosie, thinking it is Josh, and to protect herself and Toya, says they are going to "fly away."  They are not tossed from the window--Rosie takes Toya and jumped, indicating death would be preferable to this scum abusing Toya.  Like I said, had Rosie known, it would never have happened.

                                            Rosie survives, gets it together, and is not charged.  Meanwhile, other clients of Josh Freely report what he has done to their daughters, and when Lily and Company get him, all he does is call his clients "trash," Welfare queens," and the kind of people society does not care about.

                                            Oh, really Josh?????????  If you were in front of me, I would punch you in the face!  Some of us do care about these people, who deserve a whole lot better than you, you sick thing!

                                            But cheer up!  Josh will sing an entirely different tune in prison!!!!!!!!  Oh, yes!  When those inmates find out what he did..........................

                                             As for Lily, she clawed her way up from the same type of world as Rosie.   She is hard on herself, resentful of her past, and of others who couldn't make it, as did she.
Which becomes apparent, when her mother Ellen (played by Meredith Baxter Birney) and sister Christina (played by Nicki Aycox) are later introduced in the show.

                                             Too bad scumbags can't always be nailed as perfectly as they are  on "Cold Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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