Sunday, April 23, 2017

This Episode Should Have Been Called "Scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                               The "Cold Case" episode, "Revenge," started out like a retelling of the Adam Walsh case.  A sweet kid, Kyle Bream, is abducted from a department store.  His nightmare is just beginning, because everyone in this episode, save Kyle, and Lily and Company, turn out to be prime scum.

                                 The minute I saw Brent Sexton was playing Kyle's father, I was convinced he was to blame.  After his chilling performance as Jim Turner (also with a son named Kyle) in the recent 'SVU' episode "Great Expectations," I expected no less.  But Sexton plays a sympathetic role.  When he finds out that pedophile Rudy Tanner has Kyle, he hunts him down, and murders him in the back yard.  Get rid of some scum!  Good for you!  I would call this justifiable homicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Two families are ruined by Kyle's abduction.  His father kills Tanner, and it turns out that Kyle's own uncle, Ed Kripke, a no-good piece of filth, sold Kyle to pedophile trafficker Rudy Tanner, for some drug money.  Ed should have been gunned down too.

                                   Things are a mess at the Tanner household.  His wife, Sandra Riley, was the "star" of hubby's life, until Archie, their son, came along.  Then, Archie became the "star," and Sandra began absenting herself from home--she is culpable, here!!!!!!!!--because she knew Archie was being sexually abused by her husband, and did nothing about it.  By the time Kyle enters this damaged household, Archie, who, by now, at 13, confuses what he father does to him with love, has some awareness that Kyle was brought in, because he was aging out.

                                      So, Archie tells Kyle the truth about his parents, making him swim across the harbor, to the neighborhood where they live,  Poor Kyle tries, but, of course he can't sustain, so he drowns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I am telling you, everyone is a scumbag.  Hopefully, Sandra will be charged with child endangerment, Eddie will be locked in a prison cell and torn apart by inmates, once they discover what he did, and Archie should do some time in a youth facility both for his crime, and to heal, so that, maybe--and it is a small-maybe--he has a chance at a future life.

                                        Everyone, save Kyle, deserved some kind of "Revenge."  Not a masterwork segment in the series, but it serves up a galaxy of scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Take the key, and lock them all up, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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