Monday, April 3, 2017

What A Classy Weekend We Had, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                "Lots of married couples spend an occasional
                                                    night, at a cheap hotel."
                                                  --John Gavin, as Sam Loomis, in "Psycho"

                                          As I have said before, when you travel with Auntie Alvin, adventure is not far behind.  This past Saturday was our greatest adventure, which ins not necessarily a compliment, but was an experience to be remembered.

                                           Auntie Alvin gets confused, when driving out of his comfort zone.  So, when it comes to getting on the Goethals Bridge, from the Jersey side, he completely freaked out.  Several times we circled the area in this trashy section of Elizabeth, New Jersey. with a sewage drain open and exposed on one side, and a baseball field and garden apartments on the other.  Talk about low class, and isolation.

                                           But the real gem of the trip was the drive down Allen Street, which I dubbed "Trystville," because I never saw so many sleazy motels next to one another, in one place, in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is definitely the place that heats up on Saturday nights!  Maybe even gun shots!  The sun was still up as we rode by this repulsive area, and I was afraid we would not get out of there before the action began, or--horrors!--we might have to spend the night there!  Years ago, all there was to worry about were hot sheets.  Now you have to factor in bedbugs!  What is this world coming to????????????

                                           This is the Bay Inn.  I love its faux archway, suggesting an entry way into a world of romance, where the actuality of that is about as romantic as chucking coins or tokens into a peep show booth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             To think of me--ME, girls!!!!!!!!!!!--in such a trashy part of town!  One that made Goat Alley look high class!

                                               At least, there were no motels there.  Only that cheap White Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!

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