Thursday, April 13, 2017

Frankly, My Dears, The Franklins Are Scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               I had a fictitious bitch all ready to go--I promise you will hear about her, eventually!!!!!!!--but when I heard about Ernest and Heather Franklin, of Gilford, New York, I knew I had hit pay dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Ernest is an ex-Iraqi Marine.  If he claims PTSD, I say shame on him, for presenting a bad image to those who are actually fighting for something they believe.

                              Apparently, this couple believes in only two things--pleasure and greed!!!!!!!!!

                              This duo, joint winners of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, are two pieces of work.

                                Married in 2011--just six years-- they adopted a child, Jeffrey, around the same time.  So, he was already about nine years of age.  Jeffrey died in a house fire, in Mount Upton, on the eve of February 28.

                                 The couple had a sick idea they thought they could get away with. After  watching the wrenching film, "Manchester By The Sea," these two thought they could replicate the accident in the film, and get rid of their problematic, special needs kid, Jeffrey.

                                  So, this sick pair set a fire, and walked away.  Ernest went looking for the family's dogs, while Heather went to the store.   Both stayed away long enough for the blaze to engulf everything, and cover their tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                    Because, I have several questions.  Forget the PTSD excuse right off.  It is alleged Jeffrey was killed before the flames even started, as there was no soot or smoke in his lungs. So, for starters, how was that accomplished?

                                      Second, it just shows the Franklins are dumb trash!  If Jeffrey was too much for them, why  not give him up?  It is not uncommon.  That would have been the humane thing to do.  Also, what is it with adoption laws and background checks today?  How come these morons were even allowed to adopt Jeffrey? They did not sound dedicated, from the get go.  Had another, more suitable home, been found for Jeffrey, he would be alive today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Third, they burn the house, losing everything they had!!!!!!!! How dumb is that?  Do they even care about their personal possessions?  Or did they think an insurance pay out would buy them something better??????????  You know the answer as well as I, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        The Franklins are being held, without bail.  I hope they get locked up for Life!

                                          Added to this is the fact Heather is currently pregnant.  I do not know how far along she is, but I feel sorry for this oncoming kid.  He/She will either be raised minus the biological parents, which could be an advantage, only this did not need to happen.  So, even now another child is, this very moment, being put at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            The Franklins are fully to blame.  But those handling and involved in Jeffrey's adoption should have kept closer tabs on things. Shame on the administrators and social workers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             I would personally love to give all these bitches a hot foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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