Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Prayers Go Out To Seamus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                What a dog day I had, yesterday.  Walking past the home of Miss Chloe, on 76th Street, I was greeted affectionately by her, tail wagging.  But I could not help noticing how she would gesture, with her head, pointing to the house on my left.  There, standing on the back porch, looking as menacing as ever, was Spawn Of Satan, the upstate dog, who must be in town this weekend, for a holiday visit.  He came charging to the closed gate with such ferocity, I thought he would break through, and maul me!  I cried to Miss Chloe for protection, and she did her job!  She turned and faced the menace, barking with such ferocity herself, until he turned, and went back to where he came from!

                                   Thank you, Miss Chloe, for protecting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Next, I went to visit Seamus, at Paws Truly.  I discovered him stretched out on the floor.  He wagged his tail in appreciation, but did not get up, and when I gently pet him, he softly growled.  I was not afraid, because I knew Seamus was saying, "I appreciate you, but I just don't feel my best right now."  I respected that.

                                     Seamus was waiting for his owners to come take him home.  It seems he injured one of his paws.  I do not know which one, or how, but I am sending word out to all my readers, especially any dog lovers, to pray for this beloved mascot of Bay Ridge.  Seamus gives me so much love and happiness, let's send our loving wishes and prayers to him!

                                       Get well soon, Seamus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

Did you hear how our ridiculous, side-show-loving Pope celebrated? By washing the feet of inmates in Italy's maximum security prison! What a misguided PT Barnum: talk about overshooting the mark. Washing the feet of low-level petty or political prisoners as a re-enactment of scripture is en pointe, washing the feet of hard-core murderers is shocking for shock value alone. What statement was he trying to make, exactly? That we should kiss the ass of serial killers?

The Raving Queen said...

Better that he should have washed
an innocent animal in need, like Seamus.
As for serial killers, I will willingly
duck tape their mouths, maybe inject
a needle, but that's it!