Friday, August 11, 2017

A Sad Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Honestly, I could not let this day go by, without commemorating the tragic suicide of Daniel Fitzpatrick, a year ago today, irrevocably associated with near where I live, being he was a student at Holy Angels Academy, in Bay Ridge.  That is just blocks from my apartment.

                               My thoughts and prayers go out to his family on this day, as I am sure do those of all my readers.  Daniel was guilty of nothing, save being himself, and for that he was bullied relentlessly, till he was so overwhelmed, he could see only one solution.

                                The system failed him.  And, in the year following, has anything truly been done?  Not from what I can see.  Hell, when folks tied blue ribbons to lamp posts and such, in his honor last year, others came and ripped them down!

                                  I'd like to rip those who did!  It only shows there is still much to learn, and that other, unfortunate children are not getting the help they need, begging the question which one will be the next tragedy to take place?

                                   As Victor Hugo wrote, in "Les Miserables," "Fortunately, God knows where to look for a soul."  He found Daniel, who I believe now is happy in Heaven, where he was not on Earth.  Blessings to him!

                                   And when will schools stop this enforced mass conformity?????????????


Victoria Adams said...

Has anyone been held accountable??

The Raving Queen said...

Victoria, to the best of my knowledge, no.
Last year there were talks of law suits, wrongful
death, etc. Now, even on the anniversary, in
this neighborhood, no mention of it.