Thursday, August 3, 2017

Time To Welcome A New Reader, Darlings!

                                 Instantly, I love this reader for the screen name alone--My Life Of Crime.  This could be anyone from Aphrodite Jones to an imprisoned serial killer.  Or even Kathryn Morris, cyber reacting her role as Lily Rush, on "Cold Case."

                                 Whomever, welcome.  I am glad you found your way here, and hope you stick around.  The best time to read this blog is in the morning--when I usually write.  Both go great with coffee.

                                   And please feel free to comment on whatever observations you are drawn to.

                                  Now, for the official welcome.  A new reader is not welcomed, until the following, so here we go--

                                     "Call Me!," by Deborah Harry!  The unofficial theme song of this blog!

                                        Happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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