Thursday, August 10, 2017

This Bitch Should Be Dealt The Same Fate.....In The Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Once again, girls, it shames me that his happened in my birth state of New Jersey.  It seemed more suited for New Mexico or Florida.

                                Debra Wisler, of Millville, in Millville Township, is the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award.  She is said to be 39, but you have got to be kidding!  And that hair!  Can't she use shampoo, and a comb?

                                 She had a little boy, a special needs child. aged 10.  The boy's name is not known.  There was a program for special needs kids, seventy miles away from their home, at Joint Base McGure-Dix, in Lakehurst.  Unfortunately, the McGuire part of that has nothing to do with Dorothy!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who would have been appalled by what happened.

                                Debra came to the base with the boy, complete with a packed suitcase.  For reasons not known, it was determined he was ineligible for the program, so you know what this bitch did??????????????

                                 She abandoned him.  That's right; like the evil parents in "Hansel And Gretel," she left him in the woods!

                                  The child was actually found by a driver riding past the area he had been left in.  The boy was taken to the military base, given food and water, and checked out for signs of health and/or injury.  He had enough presence of mind to explain his mother walked him into the woods with the suitcase, and left him there.  And he was able to name her.

                                     Can you imagine?  The child fell asleep, and when he woke, he was hungry...and alone.  Eventually, he was found.

                                     Now, according to the Legend Of The Blair Witch, when the children of Burkitsville (then named Blair), Maryland, accused Elly Kedward of luring them to her with witchcraft, back in 1785, the villagers took it upon themselves to condemn her to death, tying her to a wooden cart, and leaving her alone in the woods, during one of the harshest of winters.

                                      The same should be accorded Debra.  You bitch, doing that to a special needs kid.  Imagine the fear and fright he went through.  See how you like it!

                                        The only happy ending to this story, is he might not be with Debra any longer.  The local Division of Child Protection And Permanency were able to find a temporary home for this boy.  May he never return to Debra again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I love it!  This kid may have been Special Needs, but he was able to tell the truth about his bitch mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victoria Adams said...

Yikes she makes thirty nine look rough doesn't she

The Raving Queen said...

She certainly does. Not to mention scary!