Friday, August 11, 2017

This Sleepover Could End Up Being As Bad As The Classic One On "Cold Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                         Poor Jamoneisha Merritt.  She was not murdered, like Rita Baxter, but she very well could have been.

                         This innocent 11-year-old girl, from the Bronx, went to a sleepover, with other girls, at the home of whom she thought was her best friend.  The event took place on Sunday, and during the party, an argument broke out between Jamoneisha and her friend, whose last name is Panton, and is twelve years old.  Jamoneisha was told something was going to be done to her, once she was asleep.  I believe most there thought this was just two girls bitching, and in another time, it would have been only that.  But these days, a houseful of pubescent girls can be toxic, and all bets are off.

                         Which turned out to be true. Because, once Jamoneisha fell asleep, this girl heated a pot full of water--the size used to cook a package of spaghetti with--to the boiling point, then, snuck up on Jamoneisha, and poured the water all over her face.

                           To say it awakened her is an understatement.  It could have killed her, and it is a miracle it didn't. This girl is no better than that Ariel Shuman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             The incident supposedly happened around 3am.  Why the police did not arrive at the host house, at 1064 Findlay Avenue, in the Bronx, until 4:40am, and the child's mother was not notified until 5:30am is beyond me. Nevertheless, Jamoneisha lasted, and was taken to Harlem Hospital, where she was stabilized.  And seems to be recovering, thank God!

                              The perp's mother, Shernett Panton, shrugs it off as a prank gone wrong.  Yeah, right, lady!  You got something to say?  Say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Ebony Merritt, the victim's mother blames it on a Social Media fad called the Hot Water Challenge, similar to the Cold Water one, which is supposed to raise money to fight ALS.

                                I don't think so.  Charity was not on the perp's mind, here.  I think the whole blame should be placed on those two evil bitches, that girl and her mother, Shernett  Panton.  Convict both, throw away the key, and smack them across the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Or how would you like to have boiling water thrown at you???????????????

                                  My best Get Well wishes for Jamoneisha , from The Raving Queen, and all my readers!

                                  And don't worry girls, there will be some fun posts coming up soon!  I am seeing the new "Annabelle" movie, in a few hours, and just wait till you read what I do to Bret Easton Ellis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Victoria Adams said...

Oh my word. This takes Mean Girls to another level

The Raving Queen said...

I agree! This is beyond mean. It
is criminal assault.