Thursday, August 10, 2017

To Think.....It Took Barbara Cook's Passing To Get Me To Sardi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Being The Raving Queen is not the easy thing some of you may think.  I never know how the day is going to go, from one moment, to the next.

                              Yesterday, while at this computer, I got a phone call from one of my beloved former colleagues, at work.  She informed me that that evening, a group of people, from our workplace, and elsewhere, were going to gather on the second floor of Sardi's in memory of Barbara Cook, then, at the appropriate time, walk out to Shubert Alley, along West 45tth Street, and watch the Broadway lights dim in her honor.  As they should.

                                 David and I arrived early,  Someone at Sardi's must be reading this blog, because we were seated in a banquette where I could survey everything, and everyone.

                                  I saw many familiar looking, show biz types--some probably support staff, one guy who looked like a stand in for Nathan Lane, but was probably an agent or casting director.  Seated at his table was a young girl, who, I swear, looked just like Quinn Shephard, who played Emma, the second mean girl, on 'SVU's' episode, "Lost Traveler."  The woman next to us was a delight; a Swiss émigré, with a luscious accent, who, in look and manner, came off like an upbeat version of Joan Didion.  That is, if such a thing can be imagined.

                                  Around 7:30, we moved out onto the street, and the view was just perfect.  The big surprise, which I did not know. was that, at the moment, Barbara Cook's picture would be projected onto the upper marquees, which are now like movie screens.

                                   It was a beautiful, moving moment.  I had never seen the lights dim live, so that I was seeing it because of someone I truly admired had a special meaning.  As well as the visit to Sardi's.  Our waiter, Mike, did a superb job, and the staff was so friendly.

                                   The food was not bad, either.  I had tomatoes and mozzarella for an appetizer, and a skewered chicken breast, with grilled veggies and rice for main course, capped off by rice pudding and coffee, for desert.  David had their famous cannelloni appetizer, the salmon main course, crème brulee, and coffee.

                                   I may go to Sardi's again; The Raving Queen approves.  I need to hang out with Liza!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   But how I wish I could hear, live, again, the late, but forever great, Barbara Cook.

                                    To my colleague, Louise, she will live on in our memories and in countless peoples' music collections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victoria Adams said...

I have tears in my eyes just reading about it

The Raving Queen said...

It was a very touching thing to see.
And Barbara Cook was an artist who
touched me personally.