Saturday, August 5, 2017

Now, This Is A Story You Have To Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Remember the classic revenge scene in the original--hell, one and only--1971 film, "Willard?"  Bruce Davison, the much bullied worker, sics his rats on abusive boss Ernest Borgnine, and I can tell you, having seen the film back then, the audience went wild, and cheered.

                           Bullied children, I am sure have their fantasies too, but here is one kid who got his.

                           Phil Mick, an 11-year-old Indiana boy, was making that difficult transition, from elementary school to Junior High.   When the day came around--I guess school starts earlier, there--he told his mother he did not want to go to De Kalb Middle School, having been bullied so relentlessly the year before.  He told someone. But at the last minute.

                             Now Phil's mother, Tammy, had a friend named Brent Warfield, who just happened to be a sales manager at a place called KDZ Motorcycle Sales And Services.  He went on social media, reaching out to a biker network from cities as distant as Fort Wayne and Columbia City.  On August 1, they, and local bikers, who are big in the fight against teen suicide, met at Richards Restaurant in Auburn, and, then, in a group of 50, these bikers escorted young Phil to school.

                              If that did not send a message to the meanies, I don't know what would.

                              I personally plaudit all these guys, and think they should get more media attention.

                              Between this and the Perfecto commercial, with the dog, Princess, bikers are getting a whole new image!

                                Congrats, to you Indy guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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