Thursday, August 3, 2017

What Would Sister Camille Think??????????????????????

                               This photo is priceless, girls.  I know it looks like--and could pass for--an all-male stage version of "The Sound Of Music," whose day I hope someday dawns, so I can play Brigitta.

                                 Actually, this photo is related to a story indicating that Pope Francis is outraged by the more ultraconservative members of the Catholic church aligning themselves with the hatred of Christian Evangelism.   This is no surprise, because the ultra conservative Catholics are exactly the dumb, White trash relations I dissociate from, who think Trump is great, and anyone who does not practice Catholicism as THEY do is going to go straight to Hell. Do they know something I don't? No, but the problem is they think they do, that their way is the ONLY way.

                                   Out of respect for Sister Camille I will not utter the two words I wanted.  But I am glad Pope Francis has these members' numbers, and I hope they end up being excommunicated, or divorce themselves from the church to form an organization befitting their more Hitleresque outlook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       The Church has more problems to solve, than Maria!  It needs those of us who care to speak up, because we are sick of this languid, I-don't-give-a-shit-ism that stems from groups like these to have any objectivity (or subjectivity) but their own.

                                         Maybe these folk should go back to the basics--"The Song Of Bernadette," or "Davey And Goliath," even if it was Lutheran!

                                          But, then, these were humane, weren't they??????????????????????


Victoria Adams said...

Love this Pope.
Love that he critcizes trump for building walls instead of Bridges...

The Raving Queen said...

I also love Pope Fracis,
and Sister Camille speaks highly
of him on her Sunday morning 1010
WINS broadcasts!

Victoria Adams said...

My grandparents were Mennonite. Very strict in its own way.
The more I learn about Catholicism though; I mean, it's horrific, isn't it

The Raving Queen said...

Catholicism is scary because of how
many approach it. More forward thinking
and understanding ones, like Sister Camille,
are needed to keep the faith going.