Saturday, August 5, 2017

Guess Who Has Been Sighted Once More In Bay Ridge?????????????????

                                   Yes, darlings, after a long hiatus, the woman whom we only know by sight as Frankenstein's Daughter, because of her resemblance to Sandra Ashley in this make-up, has been seen.

                                    I did not see her myself, but my husband, David, did, as he was getting on the R train at 77th Street,  bound for Manhattan.  I was with him--I must have had a doctor appointment that morning--because I was up and at 'em, earlier than I am used to, these days.

                                     What's more, he said a child was with her.  So, I have to reach out to the mothers of Bay Ridge, to beware this predatory monster who preys on the vulnerable progeny of this area, and leaving distraught mothers to weep, wail, gnash their teeth, beat their fists against a wall, and, in the tradition of the original, Bram Stoker novel, "Dracula," implore "Monster, give me my child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                       Indeed.  But how does someone this notably-um-distinctive looking--get about without being seen?  Nicole Kidman is bad enough, but this is the other extreme.  Major work is needed, but couldn't we start with a good cream rinse????????????????

                                        Beware the Summer nights, my dears.  They are entering their final phase, when they smile for the old......who know too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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