Friday, August 11, 2017

This Was The Stuff Of My Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Several nights ago, I had an extremely disturbing dream.  I was menaced by a quartet of sexually predatory teenagers.  They were out to kill me, for something they said I did.  Like mouthing off to one of them.

                          None of them looked like these pics.  Well, maybe one.  There was this blond boy, dressed in black, no hoodie, and he was like a non-entity. But menacing.  The two girls were dressed like sluts from another era--mine.  You know, cheap make-up, overly teased hair, skirts as high as they could go, and the sheerest of stockings. And red high heels.  Real cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The other boy was bulky, had bushy dark hair, a beard, and wore a red, plaid flannel shirt, and jeans!

                          It began with me in the front room of my childhood home, looking out onto the street.  Suddenly, as if out of the swirling mists, they formed, and mouthed to me, in a way that I could understand, "We are going to get you, for what you did."

                          In the dream, I have no idea what I did.  I had never seen these four before, nor would I ever associate with them.  But I can still recall the palpable fear and dread I felt, and not knowing what to do, or where to go.

                          The next scene, I was in this fictional bar, along the right side of Route 27, not far from my Jersey home.  There was never a bar there, but in my dream there was.  I was hysterically trying to convey to people what was going on, but either no one believed me, or I was too hysterical to be understood.  One patron understood enough to lend me his cell phone, as I had none, so I could call 911.  I did, and they said police would be right there.

                           But they never arrived.  In the next scene, I was running in these woods, and I could see them following close behind me, yelling that when they got me, they were going to tear me apart, and I was going to feel every bit of it.

                            I found myself running up to the bar.  To my right, I saw the dark, bushy haired, bearded guy, asleep outdoors, on a lawn chair.  I knew they were still out to get me, so I went inside.
There, no one noticed me, and I felt myself hopelessly trapped.  I knew I had to stay in the bar.  But I would have to step out some time, and once I did, that would be it.

                             So I remained.

                             What do you think, darlings?  I cannot make heads or tails of this.  There was also a counter balance of darkness and light,  My childhood home was lit the way I always remember, but outside it was dark.  As it was, outside the bar, though the building's neon lit up the area almost as bright as daybreak.  The woods were dark, the teens were chasing me, but I recall seeing the light of car light beams, too.  The bar's interior, was, well, like, most bar interiors.

                                Only by writing about this have I been able to shake this off!

                                 I will remember to be more aware of my surroundings, when out and about!!!!!!!!


Victoria Adams said...

It seems So Real, sometimes you have to take a moment to sort out what is dream and what is reality : ((

The Raving Queen said...

It felt real as I was experiencing it.
So much so that I could not shake it off.
I think it stemmed from a combination of
things happening to me over the last
several years.