Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The "Rhinestone Cowboy" Is Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I think "Gentle On My Mind" was the song that first made me aware of Glenn Campbell.  It was also the song he used, each week, to open his variety show.  It was not my favorite of his songs--I will get to that--but it says something about this man's talent that he got somewhere during the more rock fueled "Woodstock era."

                                Glenn Campbell had a compelling voice that was able to sell the sometimes overly corny material in his songs.  He was sexy, in a wholesome sort of way, and, in the 1969 classic "True Grit," he not only sold the title song, but he was not that bad an actor.  I always liked him, and a lot of his songs, too.

                                 So, when I heard, yesterday, he had died from Alzheimer complications, at the age of eighty one, I was saddened.  The faster the stars of my youth go, the older it makes me feel, darlings.  And there is more to come, as will be seen in the next post.

                                  It was sad to learn of his Alzheimer diagnosis.  To lose all that talent, that way.  Thankfully, it is preserved in all sorts of formats.

                                   I do not know what the complications were, but I was shocked he went so soon. I have heard of Alzheimer patients living longer.  My aunt Kathleen made it to ninety.

                                    Now, in the Celestial Realm, Glenn is riding out into that "star spangled rodeo."
We will miss him here on Earth.

                                   Here is my favorite Glenn Campbell song, "Country Boy."  I like it the best, because, even though I did not fully realize at a time when I was very young, he was able to get through to me, and many, that the attainment of fame is never what we think it will be.  A very
gutsy thing to say, at the height of one's fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

The last few weeks have been one major loss after another: as soon as you grieve one favorite, another passes.

I was a little surprised and disappointed poor Jeanne Moreau barely rated a mention in the news: I guess with so many landmark Americans dropping around the same time, the foreign stars get lost in the shuffle.

R.I.P. to all of them.

The Raving Queen said...

I didn't feel as connected to Jeanne, so
I did no do a post. But there have been a slew
of them this Summer. I hope it abates.