Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Do You Remember When Summers Were This Fun???????????????????

                            And do you know who these girls are?  They are the Bradley girls, daughter of Kate (Bea Benadarert) at the Shady Rest Hotel in....."Petticoat Junction!"  From left to right are Linda Kaye, as Betty Jo, Lori Saunders, as Bobbie Jo, and Meredith MacRae , as Billie Jo.

                            I loved Betty Jo's red hair, and Bobbie Jo's blonde, but I wanted to be Lori Saunders, as Bobbie Jo!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the prettiest, to me, and, besides, I wanted that pink dress!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Oh, the innocence of going to cool off in the local water tank, by the railroad tracks.  That was what I wanted to do, myself, only there were no water tanks like this one, near me. Or anywhere else.  Maybe this existed only in the South.  Or in the mysterious, unknown fixed time the show seemed to take place in.  Despite the girls' rather Sixties hairstyles, it certainly was not the present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             To think, I haven't been in water all Summer, save for the shower, and that does not count!

                             Summers just aren't what they used to be, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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