Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back To Brandi Beaudry, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Ah, yes, Brandi.  The thing about her that is so fascinating, is that, as "The Sleepover" unfolds, a first time watcher would be certain she is Rita's killer.  Her behavior would seem to justify it.

                           But then the horror of Brandi's home life is revealed--how the parents were physically rough with their schizophrenic son, Neil, and had him water board Brandi when she misbehaved.  Darlings, this would do a number on any of us!

                          So, while I don't like Brandi's childhood cruelty, it is clear where it comes from.  And I give her credit.  She got it together to make herself a success on the party planning circuit; I would hire Brandi in a minute.  She cares deeply about her brother, and that sequence where she visits him, and forbids her parents from coming in, is probably the best of Brandi that is seen.  To her credit.

                          Of course . she befriends, then disses, Ariel.  Of course she messes with the more vulnerable Rita.  But Brandi did not kill Rita. Ariel did.

                            Brandi did not have a choice.  She was a girl still under her parents' control, as long as she lived in this house, which meant, taking the abuse.  She is messed up, a drug addict, but there is still a soul somewhere.  The scene with her brother proves it.

                             Ariel never had a soul.  I don't know why, as she is the least explored of the girls in "The Sleepover."  Maybe she felt entitled?  Maybe she felt superior to Rita, as she was prettier?

                             I don't know.  But on that fateful night, walking home with Rita, from Brandi's, Ariel had a choice.  She could have listened to Rita, who was talking sense.  Or she could  give in to her soulessness.  We know what choice she made.

                             Does this make Ariel a sociopath?  Possibly.   Which is why I find her becoming a doctor so questionable.  You have to have drive, brains, discipline, and a soul.  Rita had all of that, she would have been so empathic as a physician.

                               Ariel would just go through the motions.

                              Even Brandi was better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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