Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Girls, Wouldn't It Be Fabulous To Wear These Candy Caned Outfits?????????????

                              I am telling you, seldom have the Rockettes looked so glam as at this year's Christmas spectacular.  If I only had the scintilla of a figure that could fit into one of those, I would be so thrilled!  Talk about "Ladies Of The Chorus!!!!!!!!!!!!'

                                 And wouldn't it be lovely to see big, lovable Gojira, in the center doing the kick line?  What a show stopper, what with him wearing a Santa hat, and wishing everyone the merriest of Holiday seasons. Especially the children!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    How do the Rockettes do it? And who designs their outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     This should be my work wear. To put into the Yule Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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