Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Finally Saw What That Despicable Bitch, Simone Marks, Did, In "The Woods," On "Cold Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                          This was one cold case I would like to have pursued, myself.  There is no shortage of Parents From Hell, as this show, which has served up some choice ones, proves.  I can't decide who is the worst; each is uniquely evil in their own way.

                            Simone Marks was, basically, Margaret White, taken up a notch.  She definitely had George by accident, and does not seem to like or approve of sex.  Either he was illegitimate, or the guy realized what a nut she was, and ran off.  If so, he was smart.  George was dealt a rotten hand, being an abused child.  But there is abuse, and there is abuse.  What George experienced, at Simone's directive, was inexcusable, so it is no surprise what happened afterwards, or that he became a serial killer.

                             Simone suffered from a condition called hysterical blindness.  George believed it, caring about his mother enough to mark off the step counts of the stairs in Braille.  Because she had to go up and down a lot, keeping George locked in his room.  George pacified himself by cheery songs, drawing a wooded glade on his wall--his room was "The Woods"--and Morse code communicating with a neighbor, Evan, across the way.

                               Until the night that Lee, the social worker at the group home Simone sent George to--and his partner, Jacob--came to rob Simone.  George escaped from the home, the robbery went amiss, and they ran off. But Jacob came back, because he was more a serial rapist than a robber, and when he saw Simone was blind, and alone, he saw a golden opportunity.

                                 Now, George is hiding in his closet, witnessing all this.  Unbearable enough to witness your mother being raped, not being able to do anything about it, but worse was what happened to George.  Remember, Simone had some kind of sex aversion, so George hears two things that surprises him.  First, Simone screams, "Not in the woods!  Not in the woods!," proving she can see, that she really is not blind, and then--brace yourselves, girls--she bargains with the rapist.  "My son, George, is hiding in that closet!  Do it to him instead!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Which Jacob does!!!!!!!!!

                                  Yes, that is correct!  Is it any wonder George went over the edge????????  Full of anger and rage, and with Simone begging for a forgiveness she does not deserve, George fired a gun point blank, at Simone, killing his own mother!  Had I been George, I would have done same thing.

                                  This might be called justifiable homicide, or self defense, but the killing spree of eleven women George went on in adulthood, including trying to kill Lily Rush, were all undeserved.  It is too bad Simone died, for, had she lived, I think she should have put in jail for child abuse, locking her away forever.  She was some piece of work.

                                    So, you have to feel sorry, for George.  Not Simone!  Hell, I'd rather be Brandi Beaudry, hons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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