Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No, Darlings, I Am Not Drinking The Kool-Aid, And I Am Not Going Down The Hole To Trumpland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlings, I ask you, where are we as a nation??????????  Can you believe it?????????  After what happened last night, I am ready to join Alice, and follow the White Rabbit.  Wonderland would sure make much more sense than Trumpland!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you thought the Mad Hatter was wacky, wait till this whack job gets done with this country, after four years!  At least, the Hatter knew how to throw a graceful tea party!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine having a bimbo slut for First Lady????????  She will decorate the White House like some cheap knock off of Queens or Long Island?????????  Is that what we want?????????

The one I feel sorry for is poor Hillary Clinton. She must be feeling like Alice, after the cards attacked her.  She is played out. This should have been her time, and now it is her last chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If being a citizen of Trumpland means adhering to a dictatorship, then count me out, girls!!!!!!!!!

The only one I adhere to, in this town, is Anna Wintour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

Hillary has no one to blame but herself. There was no way she could have lost, this was as sure a thing as there ever was, yet she couldn't resist succumbing to her self-defeating Machiavellian urges during the final lap. All she had to do was sit back and let things play out to her advantage. But no, she made two staggeringly stupid moves over the past two weeks that killed her:

Firt, she threatened to ruin the life and career of a gay FBI agent close to Comey. That infuriated all the intelligence agencies, triggering the sudden "discovery" of more emails on Anthony Weiners laptop, and pushing a load of fence sitters to just stay home out of disgust.

Second, she inexplicably overplayed the Obama card, vastly over-estimating his appeal as a stumping partner. This was a terrible miscalculation in the rust belt, where his policies have led to great suffering for a lot of people. Again, pushing too many fence sitters to just stay home out of disgust with both candidates. Compounding this error, she overdosed on vapid celebrities over the past week, surrounding herself with idiot out-of-touch sycophants like Beyonce (let's not even start on pre-booking fireworks over the Hudson). That finally did her in altogether: it alienated the Bernie coalition with such totality that they bailed and stayed home (or voted for Gary Johnson in protest: his eleventh hour turnout was surprising strong).

The good news is, with the stale moldy self-aggrandizing Clintons finally off the table, fresh new visionary liberals who still possess an actual conscience will be able to breathe and thrive and gather influential steam. Things will get better in the long run if we play our cards right.

The Raving Queen said...

I sincerely hope you are right. Time will tell!