Monday, November 21, 2016

See????????? I Told You Miss Fern Was A Repressed Lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Girls this photo proves that not only was Miss Fern a repressed lesbian, but that Christine Penmark, in spite of her daughter's ongoing pathology, knew that, as well.

                                Isn't it just sinful how the price of private school tuition goes up????????  And what parents will resort to, in order to meet those financial obligations????????/

                                 Everyone thinks it was easier in the past, but, honestly, girls, it really was not.  If Christine had to show Miss Fern a bit of leg to get her to lower the tuition, how can that hurt?  As long as she does not show anything else.

                                    And the look on Miss Fern's face is priceless. It is clear she is aroused to the point where she has to acknowledge to herself the existence of her vagina--something sexually repressed spinsters are just unable to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Miss Fern is all a'tingle, as she looks at Christine.  I wonder if in seconds she will go groveling to her on her knees, lick her shoes, and caress her leg?????????

                                        I bet when the camera stopped rolling, she did!

                                        And Rhoda got a reduced tuition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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