Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Can America Be Made Great??????? How About A Return To These Fifties Picnics and Fashions????????????

                         That Miss Fern, darlings; she knew everything.  Dressed in the fashion of the day as a  repressed lesbian spinster, barely giving hysterical housewife Christine Penmark the time of day, for how is she to protect her school knowing she has enrolled a sociopath child???????? And thins are only about to get worse.

                           So Miss Claudia Fern (she had two other sisters, Octavia and Burgess, in the William March novel) talks while placing favors on the table, as she snatches the tuition check from Christine, while assuring her the other children like Rhoda, knowing the truth.

                              You can bet Miss Fern has by her night table, "The Well Of Loneliness" by Radclyffe Hall.  Too bad she had no child psychology text there, or Claude Daigle might still be alive.

                                 He was when this shot was taken. Though not for long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Someone wants Claude dead!!!!!!!!!  But why should Miss Fern care, as long as she has her school and lesbian regalia?????????  And what does Christine know, at this point, anyway??????/

                                    The Fifties did have their moments of fun, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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