Thursday, November 3, 2016

These Bitch Parents From Hell Are The REAL Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              The parents are fictional.   They are the Beaudrys of Chestnut Hill, in Philly. The actors playing them are Nicholas Guest and Mary Chris Wall.

                                They were the parents of Neil and Brandi Beaudry, and all figured in the death of Rita Baxter, in the "Cold Case" episode, "The Sleepover."  Brandi was the bitch of the group--you know, like Diane Dykeman--and was abused by her parents.  They would turn Brandi to the wall, and have her brother Neil strong arm and then water board her--holding her under water, until she almost drowned. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened at houses all over the President Streets in Highland Park, where wealth, alcoholism and sexual abuse reigned. Most of the kids I knew deserved it, as they turned around and abused me, for which I will never forgive you fucking sons of bitches. Go ahead and attack me, I will attack right back!

                                 Quiet little Tommy. You thought he'd keep all your secrets!  Well, you found out you were wrong!  Revenge is sweet!   You deprived me of Algebra in the eighth grade, National Honor Society, Advanced Placement English and attention on the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    The Beaudrys are mutual Bitches Of The Week.

                                     Those who know to whom I speak are the bitches of my life!

                                      Get over it?  Not a chance!  Not till you choke on it!!!!!!!!!!

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