Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some Days I Feel So Angry, I Want To Be Like That Bitch, Brandi Beaudry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           I cannot get "The Sleepover" out of my head.  I keep seeing myself as Rita, my childhood friend as Ariel, and two sisters as Brandi and Neil, and I would not be surprised if their parents did to them what was done to Brandi--bathtub water boarding!  Sick, Protestant Fucks!!!!!!

                             I suppose I would have to get permission from Meredith Stiehm, who penned the original, basing it on Shanda Sharer, which is clear to me. But it is also clear this could have happened in my home town.  Many of us, I am sure, could say the same thing, and Stiehm was tapping into the bullying phenomenon years before Tyler Clementi jumped off the bridge.

                              In my version, the girls will portray children and adults.  The cops will be kept to a minimum, as all the action will be what happened between the girls. The water boarding will be enacted on stage.  It will be youth centric, and point out the consequences--for perp and victim--of bullying.

                               As for being like Brandi, how could I be a phony, knife-in-your-back bitch????????  Me???????????  Girls, I am practically a virgin.....all sugar and custard!  Though the latter might be slightly curdled.

                                  The Brandi's of the world go after the weak and vulnerable--like Rita.  I go after only those who DARE to go after me. And they don't get very far, do they?  The thwarted tell no tales, on MY account.

                                     And what becomes of Brandi's???????  They turn into pill popping, alcoholic drug addicts--anything to medicate away feelings.  Though I suppose I have to have some compassion for them as victims, too.

                                         Which is why I could NEVER be a bitch, like Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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