Monday, November 7, 2016

"Louisiana Purchase! I'll Tell You What It Means! It Means I Wanna Sell You New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Girls, isn't this the height of Forties fashion.  How I would have loved to have been one of these chorines on the Paramount lot, (with the strict understanding that this is merely a loan out from MGM!!!!!!!!!!) going wild, with the title song of the Irving Berlin musical, "Louisiana Purchase!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                  Bob Hope is in this movie, and isn't this where he does a filibuster, where he reads the entire text of Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind."  The sequence is carefully edited; I would have loved to hear him do "As God is my witness............"

                                    I wouldn't mind owning New Orleans, either, though, with the possibility of another Katrina out there, I would think twice about moving there. Not to mention use as a Winter retreat, as the heat in Summer in unbearable.

                                     Unless is born in the South, which I sure as hell was not!

                                      I was born in a trunk, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


billybob said...

I have a CD of all the songs from this musical. I adore it. I believe it was a b'way musical before a movie....

billybob said...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, it was. I did not know there wasa CD out!
Iwill have to look for it!