Monday, November 14, 2016

Which One Do You Like, Girls????????????????????

                         With all sorts of changes looming on the horizon--another birthday, the Holidays, my beloved's birthday, not to mention my Retirement. it is time to think about change.  My beloved is already contemplating buying a new living room couch, even though I am certain our friends Ramsey and Ramsey, Jr,. who adorn this couch, are perfectly happy with it.

                           That got me to thinking about the bedroom.  Darlings, I have always wanted a Princess Bedroom Set!   You know, for a Princess--like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Here are some samples.  But which to choose from?  I would love to replicate Brandi Beaudry's bedroom, but that might not be possible, So, here are some alternatives.

                               Going down from up, the center one is my favorite, followed by the last, underneath it.  But tell me what you think, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Maybe I should test each by placing a pea under the mattress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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