Thursday, November 10, 2016

Do You Know What Last Night Was, Darlings?????????????????

                              Last night was also the 78th anniversary of Kristallanacht.  And, in a certain section of Philly last night, marauders took to the streets in a chilling recreation, complete with anti-Semitic slurs.  Isn't this just a perfect way to open the Trump era??????????  Way to go, Donald!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                The horror of last night was what started the Holocaust, so it should never be forgotten.  Any of the perpetrators descendants, who are still alive, should hang their heads in shame.  Their sins shall pas down to their children, then their children's children, and beyond.

                                   If I knew any of these descendants--I suspect I do--and could prove it, I would smack them across the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    It's bad enough this happened 78 years.  But what gives in Philly??????????

                                    And where is Lily Rush when she is needed????????????????

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