Thursday, November 10, 2016

Would Things Have Gone Differnetly, Had I Read This Book???????????????

                                       This book was all the rage, back when I was in seventh grade.  Its cover I found attractive, but I never thought of reading it.   This was the year we transitioned from the Arrow Book Club, to the more advanced Scholastic Book Club.  I went from "Homer Price" to "Gone With The Wind!"

                                         I would be curious as hell to see what this book says now, in light of how things turned out, back then?  Would it have helped me?  Probably not, as I already was staunchly who I was, and there was no changing that.  As I have said elsewhere, I might have had the desperation of Ariel, but not the cruelty to sell out my real friends. 

                                           Still, I would love to hear from any of you, who remember this.

                                           But, would it have made me Brandi Beaudry?????????????

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